What We Are About

Roller skating is recognized by the President's council on Physical fitness and Sports as one of the top three activities in the nation for all- around fitness benefits.

We are all about having fun. From the skating games and winning prizes to playing video games in our large redemption center. We do scooter races, bicycle races. Roller skating works almost every major muscle group in our bodies. Third highest calorie burning sport. Roller skating was found to be more beneficial than running and cycling. Skating is twice as safe as playgrounds, three times safer than basketball or football, four times safer than bicycling and five times safer than baseball. It is never too early to teach a child to exercise. Roller skating helps develop motor and listening skills through different games, while providing the kids with the opportunity for social interaction.

About the Owner

The owner Mary Dollar has always put children first in her work. She says, "If you can find something you love doing you will never work a day in your life."

And that is exactly what she does. If you have ever been to the Rola-Rena, you know that Mary makes it a very warm loving environment. Her goal when she started the Rola-Rena was to make it a family place.

Mary has received the, "Small Business Person of the Year" Award, Leo Frigo Award, served as Governor of the Green Bay-De Pere Antiquarian Society, Currently still President of Section 3 of the National Roller Skating Association and is very active in local community affairs.

Her family, husband, children and grandchildren are her inspiration.


My family went to the Rola-Rena on Saturday and had a great time. I just wanted to say a big Thank You for opening up to my family like you have! My wife talked about how you skated with Matthew and then gave them treats. That isn’t something people would do. I can see God’s love working through you! Thank you so much for being a wonderful person and I am so glad we have met.